“But everything exposed by the light becomes visible–and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. ” – Ephesians 5:13

In the beginning of 2014, God led me to begin journaling during my quiet time. A week or so later, He moved me to share some of my entries over the course of a 40-day journey that I undertook, with the hope that the illumination of God’s work in my life might become a light that draws others to Him. Once that 40-day period ended, I realized that the process had been as cathartic for me as I hope it had been for the people reading the entries. I decided to continue writing as the Spirit leads, and I prayย that these words speak to your heart and lift your Spirit.

Be blessed and be a blessing!


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  1. Light Ministry Blog

    Thank you so much for your visit and for following me! I am glad you decided to use your gift of sharing and encouraging others for God’s sake. Please visit often, as I will support your blog as well! May your walk with the Lord teach you many things…


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